IPRA, the operator for the MEDEF Rhône-Alpes

The Interprofessionelle Rhône-Alpes (IPRA) is the operator for the MEDEF Rhône-Alpes. With 8 territorial MEDEF and 22 professional branches representing 65,000 companies, 90% of which employ less than 50 persons, the missions of the MEDEF Rhône-Alpes are:

  • To accompany companies in legal, social, tax and international fields
  • To develop companies' competitiveness through innovation
  • To implement support systems together with regional players that are in favour of Employment, Handicapped Persons, Professional and Adult Training and relations between schools and the professional world
  • To represent and defend companies' interests in front of local, regional, national and European authorities
  • To contribute to improving the economic environment
  • To manage 3,000 proxies in bi-partite organisations
  • To relay the national MEDEF policy, whilst promoting feedback on regional companies' expectations at the same time


The MEDEF's actions in the Rhône-Alpes region include:

  • Interventing in:
    • Legal and social consultancy
    • Retaining control over taxation
    • Foreseeing corporate difficulties
    • Innovation and international activities
    • Upgrading energy offers
    • Developing infrastructures
  • Promoting recruitment of the unemployed
  • Accompanying company managers in setting up a policy in favour of handicapped persons
  • Promoting cooperative vocational training
  • Assisting companies in establishing training programmes suited to their requirements
  • Introducing young people and education to the professional world


Contact :
Website : http://medef-rhone-alpes.fr/
Address : 60 avenue Mermoz,
69008 Lyon, France.
Tel +33 4 78 77 06 60/ fax +33 4 78 77 06 66
E-mail: medefra@medef-rhone-alpes.fr