European Regional Development Fund - ERDF

The European Regional Development Fund - ERDF - acts in favour of trans-national, trans-border and inter-regional cooperation and economic/social revitalisation of towns and neighbourhoods in crisis situations, as well as instigating innovative actions and technical assistance measures set up by general regulations.

In order to reduce the disparities in the levels of development of different regions and the distance by which certain less-privileged regions and islands trail behind - including rural areas - the ERDF contributes to developing economic activities in a harmonious, well-balanced and durable form, to developing high levels of competitiveness, high levels of employment and environmental protection and to attaining equality between men and women.


The ERDF can act under the auspices of the three new objectives in regional policy:

  • Convergence: support for economic development and employment
  • Regional competitiveness and employment: innovation and knowledge-based economy, environment and risk prevention, access to transport and telecommunications services of general economic interest
  • European territorial cooperation: Development of trans-border economic, social and environmental activities (transport, innovation, telecommunications, etc.)

For further details on the ERDF in the Rhône-Alpes region: