Confindustria Piemonte

The Confindustria Piemonte is a federation of nine Piedmont entrepreneur associations which adhere to the Confindustria system (the main organisation representing manufacturing companies and services in Italy). In the Piedmont area, this represents over 6,000 small, medium and large companies working in main sectors of the region's economy.
The Confindustria Piemonte is the main representative organization in the following sectors: manufacturing, building and public works, energy, transport, communication and information technologies, tourism and services. The companies present in the Confindustria Piemonte employ over 400,000 people, or over half the total number of persons working in the manufacturing sector.

Amongst the main Confindustria Piemonte activities, are to be found:

  • Promoting development and growth of the regional economy, also in cooperation with other economic, political and social organizations
  • Protecting entrepreneurs' business activities
  • Organizing studies, research operations, projects and finalized programmes for solving specific and general issues related to entrepreneurial business

The Confindustria Piemonte was founded in 1973 by Entrepreneurs' associations in the Piedmont and the Valley of Aoste. The Regional Federation of the Young Piedmont Entrepreneurs Syndacate and the Regional Piedmont Committee for Small Companies are also members of the Confindustria Piemonte. The Unione dell'Edilizia del Piemonte e della Valle d'Aosta (association of building entrepreneurs) and the Confindustria Valle d'Aosta also participate in the Confindustria Piemonte, via consultative powers.
Through its participation in European networks, over the years, the Confindustria Piemonte has developed considerable expertise in giving assistance to SME on European theme, distribution and promotion of legal initiatives, and European community programmes and projects.
In addition, the Confindustria Piemonte also possess specific skills in environmental and energy matters: besides participating the national EMAS network for promoting environment management systems, the Confindustria Piemonte gives support to Piedmont companies and encourages them to adhere to voluntary environmental certification systems (ECOLABEL, ISO14000, etc.) and to take part in major European programmes for environmental and energy efficiency.


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