Comité pour la Transalpine Lyon-Turin

The "Comité pour la Transalpine" (the Lyon-Turin transalpine link committee) was created in 1991 in the objective of carryng out any actions liable to facilitate or accelerate the completion of the high-capacity passenger and goods rail link between Lyon and Turin, in an "industrial" logic at the service of Europe, the environment and the economy.

Chaired by Franck Riboud, Chairman and Managing Director of Danone, the Committee brings together territorial communities and industrial companies together with economic, trade-union and consular bodies and associations. The wide diversity of its members is evidence of the importance of this link, vital for the Rhône-Alpes region and the Piedmont and fundamental for the future of the Alps and Europe.

As a result, local communities and eonomic players have joined together for promoting the new Lyon-Turin transalpine rail connection, the central link in Mediterranean corridor N°3, and for enhancing its value for the benefit of development, conservation of the environment and expansion in the Rhône-Alpes region, cross-border zones and the whole European Area.

The Comité pour la Transalpine makes sure that the way the programme is materialized meets the expectations of all people living on either side of the Western Alps.

Its 6 priority objectives:

  • To inform and mobilize all types of executives around the "Transalpine" project and give them the information they require for acting at best possible levels throughout decision-taking processes.
  • To strengthen the interface between public and private players in the project.
  • To put users at the core of the project, in partnership with the professionals involved in it. To encourage coherence between infrastructure aspects, regulations in force (modal shifts) and transport sector requirements.
  • To enrich the project and facilitate its completion by critical reflection and encouragement for innovation (financing, equipment, implementation procedures and techniques).
  • To develop the project's European and cross-border image in coordination with its Italian counterparts and the other players concerned by the southern European rail corridor.
  • To communicate and explain the issues at stake and the characteristics of the "Transalpine" project, so that it can be appropriated by the largest possible number of people

The Bureau of the Comité pour la Transalpine, chaired by Mr. Franck Riboud and with Mr. François Lépine as its deputy vice-chairman, is comprised of ten members from the political and economic world.


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