Comitato promotore per la direttrice Europea Transpadana

The Committee for Promoting the European High-Capacity Passenger and Freight Rail Link or "Transpadana" was founded in 1990. Its mission is to make public opinion, and Italian, French and EC authorities aware of the strategic importance of a fast, high-capacity, passenger and goods rail-link.

This link, joining Eastern and Western Europe together via the valley of the Po River, would connect Italy's main industrial regions and the ports of Genoa, Venice and Trieste with the new European rail networks for:

  • Contributing to improving goods and passenger transport in accordance with environmental regulations
  • Integrating Italian economy into an avant-garde technological sector that offers high development perspectives
  • Injecting dynamics into transport systems in Italy by facilitating their re-orientation towards rail transport in an increasingly competitive context
  • Reducing the negative impact on environment, economy and safety made by goods traffic that mainly travels by road
  • Privileging urban regeneration of the zones concerned by the new lines and facilitating access to them


The Transpadana pursues its objectives by providing constant coordination between public and private players involved in the project in different ways. To do this,

  • It encourages an international approach to the project via coordination with its French and Slovenian counterparts and the European Commission's General Transport Department
  • It favours an intermodal approach to the project for programming and encouraging interconnections between the new high-capacity networks with ports, relay ports and logistics platforms
  • It organizes public initiatives and disseminates information via its Internet site - by means of publications, studies and research so that the project progressively becomes a part of citizens' heritage


Today, the public and private members of the association are:


the cities of Milan, Genoa and Trieste, the Provinces of Turin, Milan and Verona, the Confindustrie of Genoa, Lombardy, Piedmont, Venezia and Friuli-Venezia Giulia, the Unions of the Chambers of Commerce of Lombardy, Piedmont and Venezia, the Chambers of Commerce of Milan, Genoa, Turin, Brescia, Bergamo, Trieste, the port of Venice, the Intermodal Centres of Si.To Turin and Consorzio Zai Verona, Assolombarda, and the Union of Turin Industries, and Intesa San Paolo Bank.


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