C.A.F.I. Conférence des Alpes Franco-Italiennes (the Leader)

The C.A.F.I. Association came into being on July 10th 2000 through the will of its members, the French "Départements" of the Alpes Maritimes, the Alpes de Haute Provence, the Haute Alpes, the Isère, the Savoie and the Haute Savoie and the Italian provinces of Imperia, Cuneo and Turin and the Aoste Valley Autonomous Region, to create a support for trans.border cooperation policies and to promote the development of common operational capacities.

The C.A.F.I., which is the operational tool for the cross-border political cooperation instigated in the 1990’s, develops its priority actions on community interest programmes in the domain of its members’ know-how and for building a common identity from a cultural, economic and social point of view.
These experiences testify to the determination and capacity of frontier communities to design and work together on developing the western Alps mountain range.
In this context of permanent dialogue, based on considerable experience in cross-border cooperation and the feeling of belonging to the same community, the members of the C.A.F.I. consider that working together on transport issues along the whole Franco-Italian frontier is a priority.

A certain number of cooperation protocols and agreements were signed in the Franco-Italian border zone, before succeeding in creating the Franco-Italian Cross-Border Conference (Conférence Transfrontalière Franco-Italienne), followed by creating the Association for Franco-Italian Alpine Conference, the C.A.F.I.


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