Action 3


The highway railway is one of the modes most appropriate to the collection of transit flows of long distance and especially in alpine environments because it does not require major changes in the practice of loading and unloading between the road and the railway.

Action 3 concerns the creation of a transport service between Le Boulou (Perpignan), Bettembourg, Lyon and Orbassano, to allow an improvement in the transport of heavy goods vehicles using the Modalohr technology over long distances and to ensure a modal shift from road to rail, attracting traffic Spain-France-Italy using the all-road or maritime mode.

The connection with Bettembourg can guarantee the expansion of the catchment area of reference for Northern Europe, through the construction of two rail links with high frequencies between Bettembourg and between Lyon and Lyon and Le Boulou able to use trains of greater length and greater capacity .

In the terminal loads of Lyon from Le Boulou and Bettembourg will be concentrated and sorted on three "cross-border" shipping services through the Fréjus tunnel, up to Orbassano.

From economic point of view, the action 3 provides a balance in excess of 765 million euro, which ensures the economic viability widely investment: the positive results in this case, depends essentially on the long distances travelled by the service and the high frequencies provided, which can ensure the shift from road to rail of one mole of high traffic.