Action 2


It was found a strong demand for mobility between the region of Lyon and Piedmont, mainly linked to the field of chemistry, eco-industries, production of capital goods and consumer goods. In fact, companies involved in these areas are, in some cases, users already the Alpine Motorway Railway (AFA) and appear to be particularly willing to move their goods through the combined transport.

Action 2 of InterAlpes therefore proposes a rail service specializing in the transportation of chemicals, waste products, processed products and goods between the basins of Piacenza (Emilia-Romagna - Lombardy), Novara (Piedmont - Lombardy) and Lyon (in a strategic position to capture the traffic to other points in France, such as Brittany) with the ability to attract the flow of goods by rail is now handled through road, using intermodal loading units such as containers and swap bodies, in an attempt to meet the one hand, the market of Lyon (and river transport towards Marseille-Fos), on the other, to take advantage of the planned intermodal hub of Grenay, in the Lyon region.

Overall, the action includes costs for a total of € 83.8 million relating to the use of rail haulage services to external operators and the leasing of railway wagons through long-term contracts (including maintenance). The economic benefits depend on the difference between the generalized cost (which adds the value of time and the monetary value of the service) of rail and road transport and the benefits produced by the reduction of externalities arising from the transfer of freight from road to rail. Then would get a net profit of EUR 237 964, which indicates an acceptable level of economic sustainability of the initial investment.