Action 1


The absence of a single wagon axle service Rhône-Alpes - Italian determines some problems in capturing certain freight flows that today run on the road. The reduction in the supply of this service penalizes especially the transportation of metallurgical products, the market among the more established between France and Italy, moved across the railway.

The first action taken by project InterAlpes provides for the creation of a single wagon rail service between the basins of Brescia, Turin, Lyon, specialized in consolidating application of fragmented transport metallurgical products from Italy to France, and scrap metals from France to Italy.

The service has been designed by devising a phase of main transportation, which includes two reference intermodal nodes, located at terminals of Brescia Scalo and Sibelin, and various links to network with isolated destinations, particularly with industrial plants connected with the railway network located in the metropolitan areas of Brescia and Lyon, on an average distance of 35 km from the terminal.

The management of empties and the search for a balanced flow of traffic in this important economic sector is one of the structural elements of this action, aiming at an improvement of the specific supply chains.

Despite the total operating costs, the action considered, however, a number of economic benefits, calculated for a fill rate (load factor) of 75% (which is equivalent to about 123,148 tons / year): the action is absolutely sustainable, even from the economic point of view, the value of which exceeds 25 million euro.