5. Developing intermodality

C.A.F.I. // Comité pour la Transalpine //  Comitato Transpadana //  IPRA

Activity N° 5 constitutes a validation phase for the feasibility of actions that have been identified and concrete solutions liable to contribute to developing intermodality in the goods transport sector on local levels, together with any measures that can be taken, particularly at short term, by transport operators, especially in rail transport. This analysis of all the actions retained will be carried out in legal, standardization, organizational and technological contexts as well as on the basis of economic and financial aspects.


The survey conducted on the operators, and analysis of the current state of traffic flows in the territory transalpine has allowed the identification of problems and opportunities relating to the maintenance of intermodal transport services of goods. The analysis allowed the identification of eight specific avenues for action, four actions punctual and four transversal actions:


Punctual actions:

  1. Creating a single wagon service between Brescia and Lyon
  2. Construction of a combined transport service between Lyon / Vénissieux and Piacenza / Novara
  3. Creating a highway railway between Le Boulou / Bettembourg and Turin
  4. Traffic optimization of transport vehicles between France and Italy


Transversal actions:

  1. Creation of a communication and advertising on the new intermodal services
  2. Definition of preferential rates for the use of intermodal
  3. Promotion of the entry of new operators of combined transport
  4. Governance unique for the management of the railway corridor Lyon-Turin-Milan