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InterAlpes is a European project whose objective is to propose operational solutions for promoting the development of transport intermodality at Franco-Italian border points (Project Objectives), taking account of existing or programmed intermodal equipment and transport infrastructures as well as, and above al, the services, which are present the first levers that need to be pushed for developing intermodality. (Results expected)

The project started in August 2011 and is led by five partners: the Conférence des Alpes Franco-Italiennes - CAFI, the Confindustria Piemonte, the Comité pour la Transalpine, the Comitato Transpadana and the Interprofessionelle Rhône-Alpes - IPRA, the operator of the MEDEF Rhône-Alpine organization. InterAlpes is a project born from the European Cooperation programme between France and Italy, ALCOTRA (Alpes Latines de COopération TRAnsfrontalières).


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Project News

8 July 2013 - Turin - Final Conference of the InterAlpes project

It was successfully held on 8 July the final conference of the project InterAlpes at the Palazzo Cisterna of the Province of Turin. On this occasion, were presented the main contents of the project and especially the actions for the development of intermodality of goods and the reduction of the critical aspects of the current situation in the Alps between Italy and France. To draw conclusions were the various project partners, and especially the experts called to discuss the main issues and the prospects for these territories.

- C.A.F.I., "Collection and analysis of data of freight and passenger traffic"
- Paolo Foietta, "Intermodality in the Alps between Italy and France. The current state"
- Nathalie Mattiuzzo, "Intermodality. The current state in the Alps between Italy and France"
- Alberto Grisone, "The operators' point of view: Hupac"
- Oliviero Baccelli, "Possible future scenarios in transalpine freight traffic"
- Andreas Naegele, "Alpine freight traffic observatory set up under the EU-CH Land Transport Agreement"


April 12th 2013 - Nice: state of the InterAlpes project

It was held in Nice, at the Conseil Général des Alpes Maritimes, the state of the project InterAlpes. An in-depth meeting on the two technical actions carried out by C.A.F.I :
1) Observation and analysis of traffic flows;
2) Strategic function: analysis of recent developments of the issue of alpine and sea crossings, and the instruments provided by Eurovignette Directive in terms of cost and performance of the transport.


Transit-Cross-border Transalpine Traffic Observatory (OTTT)

The website www.osservatoriotrasporti.eu is on-line, with a section about the flows analysis, freights and passengers, and specific sections reserved to the projects, events, and to the community on-line across the alpine space. The C.A.F.I. has developed this website with the aim to make it as a true thematic hub.
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November 19th 2012: Intermediate symposium in Lyon

The InterAlpes intermediate symposium took place successfully on last November 19th, at the Rhône-Alpes Chamber of Trade and Industry in Lyon. The symposium was an opportunity for presenting the facts on intermodality in the Franco-Italian Alps and a european panorama on intermodal goods transport, but also an occasion for highlighting critical aspects in the present situation and the possibilities offered by managing infrastructures more efficiently.it reviewed the shortcomings of the historical railway line between France and Italy, which, when associated with the inefficiency of raod connections, have limited growth in traffic: 20,5 million tons of goods lost between France and Italy since 1985.
For this reason, the partners in the InterAlpes project have proposed eight plans of action for developing goods transport intermodality between France and Italy, resulting from a survey made with transport companies in 2012.


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